Terms and conditions of use

Please read the terms and conditions of use carefully before using DAY TRADER PRO.

DAY TRADER PRO is a company aimed at the production and distribution of educational content for the formation of day traders of the Stock Exchange.

This service is offered through an online environment where recorded video-lessons, texts, discussion forum and live classes are available for individuals and legal entities who are interested in participating in this environment.

DAY TRADER PRO has an educational purpose, so we do not provide any recommendation so we buy or sell financial instruments.

Live classes do not feature recommendations for buying or selling financial assets, and is not characterized as a live trading room as provided by stock brokers through autonomous agents.

Our focus is strictly educational and aiming at the training of students with Day Traders.

Day Trader Pro courses are made available to users through one-time payment or subscription plans, with a term determined at the time of purchase, through access to the online platform for the sale and access of such content.

As a result, this Terms of Use, Privacy and Cancellation applicable to all kinds of products made available by DAY TRADER PRO to its users were adopted.

  • Registration

For the use of the features and resources made available in the DAY TRADER PRO courses, it will be necessary to register at the time of purchase or subscription, with the provision of personal information of the user, such as full name, e-mail address, CPF number, among others, which should be periodically updated by the user.

The user, when registering on the DAY TRADER PRO website, undertakes to strictly observe the rules of use, privacy and cancellation provided for in this term, being prohibited the transfer of his personal information from access to his profile on the PLATFORM OF DAY TRADER PRO.

The user registered on the DAY TRADER PRO website may at any time request the deletion of their registration from the site, by simple e-mail sent to contato@daytrderpro.io

Even after the deletion request, DAY TRADER PRO will keep the aggregated and non-identifiable data for statistical purposes, as well as the data and information that it is required to keep on record by law.

While in possession of information or data provided by the user, DAY TRADER PRO may provide them to the competent authorities, by express court order, in collaboration with investigations or judicial proceedings, even if preparatory or precautionary, provided permitted by law.

  • Conduct

The DAY TRADER PRO website allows the user to navigate the content made available on it, and the site and the resources contained therein are intended for the user’s personal use.

By using the DAY TRADER PRO website and the members area, the user undertakes to:
i) not create or use more than a single form of identification to use the website, as well as free and paid receipts;
(ii) not to use a third party’s identification or to allow third parties to use their identification;
iii) do not use any elements of the site for commercial, advertising or any other purposes that does not represent the main purpose of the site and without the prior and express consent of DAY TRADER PRO;
iv) not to disguise or hide the IP (internet protocol) number that identifies your internet connection;
v) does not interfere with the architecture of the site by any means or technical form;
vi) do not disseminate viruses or malicious computer code, files or programs designed to collect unauthorized data, do not interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of the site.

DAY TRADER PRO, on the other hand, undertakes not to misuse, under any circumstances, the personal information provided by the user.

Any conduct of disrespect to the rules of conduct set out above, within the DAY TRADER PRO Academy, gives THE RIGHT OF DAY TRADER PRO to exclude the user if it deems it necessary.

DAY TRADER PRO has an automated system for identifying simultaneous accesses with the same login and password. The use of DAY TRADER PRO courses is personal and inferable, so DAY TRADER PRO, through an automatic system blocks the user with simultaneous login, as well as has the right to cancel their access permanently, in order to protect the exclusive rights over their available content.


The information published by DAY TRADER PRO, both in content distributed free of charge to the general public and paid content, is based on public domain information, i.e. available to anyone, and is considered reliable on the date of its publication, since the opinions exposed in the content stem from judgments and opinions of the Day Trader Pro Team.

DAY TRADER PRO also offers information from third parties, partners, and does not commit to the update, veracity, and doubts regarding other companies.

The contents made available by DAY TRADER PRO, both free and paid content, on its website and by e-mail to users registered in its database or subscribers may not be reproduced, distributed, copied or marketed, in whole or in part, to any third party and public, without prior and express authorization of DAY TRADER PRO.

These contents are offered to DAY TRADER PRO customers in one-time payment or subscription plans, with a term of validity determined at the time of purchase.

The contentproduced by DAY TRADER PRO, as well as live classes, does not represent recommendations for trading securities or other financial instruments. The analysis, information and day trading strategies have as their sole purpose to stimulate the debate between the teachers of DAY TRADER PRO and their students. Therefore, each person should develop their own trading strategy, and it is not up to DAY TRADER PRO to take responsibility for the results of their students.


The DAY TRADER PRO website (https://daytraderpro.io) is the online platform by which DAY TRADER PRO sells the own content of its teachers and their team, made available in video format, within the platform environment (in the profile registered on the site), with educational content, aiming at the training of traders, Also provides other topics relevant to the day trade, such as recommendations of platforms, recommendations of video channels , bibliographic recommendations, whose access is made by registered e-mail and password received automatically.

When purchasing one of the services marketed by DAY TRADER PRO, the user will have access to the collection of the contents of the service signed by him, as well as can access the next informative content of the package, available according to the periodicity of the contents, taking into account the contracting period or validity of the subscription.

The prices of the products marketed by DAY TRADER PRO are indicated on the DAY TRADER PRO website, in the product’s own disclosure access link, the payment of which will be according to the modality chosen by the user at the time of purchase.

DAY TRADER PRO does not sell shares or financial assets and financial transactions.

The user can ask any questions about the services offered, through the email contato@daytraderpro.io.