“Learn how to make from R$ 1,000 to R$ 5,000 per day in the day trade!”

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“Learn this simple and easy setup and achieve your financial freedom”

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If you’ve been interested in day trade, you’ve certainly received some such advertising, haven’t you?

It is known among marketers that the vast majority of purchasing decisions are made in an “irrational” way, motivated by impulses and emotions.

They use the appeal to their irrationality, such as the fear of missing an opportunity (FOMO), the will to belong to a social group, the desire for enrichment in itself and the desire to avoid suffering or pain.

And, from this knowledge, the campaigns of popularization of the day trade and sale of courses use these “mental baits”, seeking to achieve the largest possible number of sales, logically.

Ads like this are created with the intention of activating your greed and selling something to you.

It’s as simple as that.

However, contrary to what “day trade course sellers” try to make it look like, the day trade:

  1. It’s not easy
  2. No, no, no Quickly Enriches
  3. It’s not for everyone

I decided to explain these 3 items in detail to you:

1. Day Trade Is NOT Easy

Let’s get to the facts:

In early 2019, two economists and researchers at FGV released a survey of all day traders who acted in the dollar and index futures contracts between 2012 and 2017 on the stock exchange (B3).

Below is a summary of the results of this search:

“Of all who tried something, 92.1% stopped in less than a year. Of those who followed – those who did daily operations for at least 300 trading sessions – 97% lost money. In the 3% that came out in the blue, 2.6% earned less than 300 reais per day (or up to 6,000 reais in a month with 20 working days). ” source: EXAME Magazine

If you want to read the search in full, I also make available in the link below:

>> FGV Search – Living day trade (PDF)

I guess after presenting these facts, you don’t have to stretch me into more arguments to show you that day trade isn’t easy,do you?

2 – Day Trade Does NOT Get Rich Quickly

In this second item I even have better news for you, butmaybe it’s not the news you’d like to hear.

When it comes to the accumulation of wealth, patience is a huge virtue.

Saving and investing in the long term, seeking a better life in the future, requires a stoic attitude, in the face of a world that increasingly offers us facilitated opportunities for instant satisfaction of our desires.

Finding a solution that saves us from waiting for dozens of years of deprivation to accumulate capital would be irresistible, wouldn’t it?

That’s exactly where the day trade comes in and my “good news”:

If you can stay good in the day trade and be profitable, your journey to wealth can be much shorter than the traditional way of saving, which can last for decades!


If you’ve heard anyone suggesting the 3-6 month deadline to learn how to make money in the day trade,forget this idea.

The reality that I know, having accompanied hundreds of students, is that this learning period, to acquire efficiency as a day trader, is between 3 and 6 years.

I recently interviewed Brett Steenbarger,who is a traders coach with over 40 years of experience and internationally famous.

This is a very authentic and enlightening interview where, at some point, he comments precisely on this, that in his experience with high performance traders the training average is between 18 and 24 months.

Remember that we are talking about data from the American market of traders, which is much more mature than our Brazilian market in educational and cultural terms.

I leave here the link of the interview:

>> Interview with Brett Steenbarger (Turn on subtitles!)

3 – Day Trade IS NOT For Everyone

Making day trade is not easy, learning is not fast and definitely not for anyone.

Speaking openly, in my view, speculating as a day trader in the financial market can be considered an elite sport.

There are at least 3 essence factors that you need to have in order to develop as a day trader and achieve (the much dreamed) consistency.

They are:

  • Time available
  • Enough money
  • Suitable profile

Having enough time available to learn and practice the day trade is not for everyone, having the capital available to operate is not for everyone and not everyone has the right profile.

I decided to release a class from one of my training courses,where I talk in detail about it.

Watch the class and you’ll understand why I say day trading can be qualified as an elite sport.

Do you have the time to devote day trading during the day?

Do you have enough money to face the learning phase and banklike yourself as a day trader?

Do you have the right profile to face the risks and challenges of being a day trader?

It would be very nice if you started to seriously question yourself about these 3 questions.


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