Yes, there is only one way for you to win as a day trader:


It’s no use signing a broker’s office and following your buying and selling tips.

It’s no use mechanically following some winning setup or killer strategy, which someone told you that works.

You will have to build YOUR own learning path and develop YOUR own way of reading the market and identify good trade opportunities!

There are no shortcuts, there are no guarantees, it is not easy, it takes longer than you would like, you will lose everything in the beginning, the responsibility will be all yours and you must go your own way.

The Cake Recipe

This will be the last analogy, I promise.

For you to understand the ideal mindset to reach the so dreamed profitability in the day trade,Imagine yourself in this situation:

You need to bake a cake.

You’re not planning on being a pastry master, you just want to bake a cake over the weekend!

It is a punctual need or desire, without much pretense.

So, what do you do?

You’re going to search the internet for a video with someone showing you how to make the cake you want, step-by-step, aren’t you?

Easier up, you buy one of those ready-made cake bags, with the recipe on the back!

Just add milk, beat eggs, put in the oven and wait 50 minutes…

The cake comes out!

Well, that’s exactly what the 98.7% does with the day trade!

(Remember fgv’s research?)

They discover the day trade and want to “earn a buck”…

They are not thinking of being professional day traders, it is just a punctual desire and without much pretense.

So what do they do?

Go to YouTube to get a practical recipe for making money with day trade.

Or, they enter a brokerage room with some analyst pretending to be a trader (analyst is not a trader!) and will follow their buying and selling tips.

Some take it a little more seriously, they buy courses!

But it’s no use.

Their mindset remains the same: that of the “weekend cake-making “.

The result of this you already know, you have already gone through alert 2

Don’t Do Like “They”

To make real money in the day trade, you must develop a deep knowledge of the market through your own experience and really relevant studies.

But how do you know what really matters to study?

How to know what market reading technique really makes sense?

How to be different from the “weekend confectioner”?

To help you find YOUR way and finish these Alerts | DTP with “golden key”, I decided to release another exclusive class.

I often call this special class “The 4 Pillars of Day Trader Pro Methodology”

I will tell you the path I found and hope it will serve as a reference for you to find YOUR way to consistency in the day trade.

Congratulations, you have reached the end of alerts | DTP.

But before we say goodbye, I would like to speak in a more affirmative way,showing, after all, what you can really expect from day trading.

How much can you earn, what have I done to find my way and also tell you the mission of Project Day Trader Pro,come on?