In this third alert, I would like to talk more directly with you who have already lost some money or are losing.

If you are still a beginner in the day trade,it is worth staying to know what we will discuss.

Course Sellers

It’s fashionable to complain about “Day Trade Course Vendors.”

They even created a channel, called Complain Here from the Trader, where you can check the level of frustration of the students of these courses.

If you’ve followed the Alerts | DTP so far should already understand well the reason for this frustration.

Basically, all frustration is derived from an expectation.

The higher the expectation, the greater the frustration!

Have you ever stopped to realize what your real expectation was when you discovered the day trade?

Every beginner possesses that greed and certainty that he is the smartest of all and will discover the “winning ticket” as a day trader.

Almost everyone who is starting in the day trade, are like this:

They feed on unrealistic expectations,due to the greed to get rich quickly.

Nor do I want to stretch myself here in the role of marketers and fake traders of youtube and their “Mental triggers” in stimulating this greed.

But of course they have their share of responsibility in creating these illusions about the day trade

Take Full Responsibility

However, the purpose of this alert is to make you take full responsibility for your decisions as a trader from the beginning.

You HAVE NOT lost money (or are losing) because the day trade does not work.

You HAVE NOT lost money because the big players are dishonest and make traps.

You HAVEN’t lost, or are losing money, because your broker is operating against you.

Your losses are NOT the responsibility of anyone else.

Neither broker, nor platform, nor sellers of bad courses, nor indicator that does not work etc …

The responsibility for everything that has happened, or is happening, in your career as a trader is all yours.

Take this stance from the beginning of your activities as a trader.

The Problem of Greed

It was your greed to believe that it would have workedquickly without the appropriate training that made you, or is doing, losing.

YOUR lack of discipline, YOUR unrealistic expectations…

Were you aware of the environment you were entering from the beginning?

Has awareness of the risks and difficulties inherent in the day trade always been present in your attitudes as a trader so far?

Yes, maybe…

Yes, maybe the content you decided to study really wasn’t good at all.

Maybe the course you took, or are taking, is just one of those You Tube traders courses.

Perhaps the technique you are practicing is not in accordance with the characteristics of the current market.

All this may be true, but don’t victimize yourself.

Take responsibility for all your trades, whetherin gain or loss.

This is the attitude of a true Day Trader Pro.

And to finalize these Alerts | DTP I want to tell you a way.

The only way there is to success in the day trade.

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