Hi Trader (or Future Trader),

This is Rafael Iasi, all right?

I am an independent day trader since 2013, creator of the Day Trader Pro Project and one of the pioneers in the dissemination of modern day trading techniques in Brazil.

I wrote an exclusive material with the intention of showing you the truths about day trading (which many are trying to hide from you).

I’m calling this this material the ‘Alerts | DTP’.

To access, you don’t need to put name and email.

Just feel like learning and continue reading.

If you are a beginner in day trading, the Alerts | DTP will serve as a protection against the pitfalls of the financial market.

If you are already a day trader, you will have confirmation of much that you suspected to be true, but had not yet heard anyone speak so sincerely.

So, are you prepared to face the ‘naked truth’ of the day trade?