Hello, my name is Rafael Iasi and, in addition to father, husband, musician, writer, I am an independent day trader and creator of the Day Trader Pro Project.

Rafael Iasi - CEO@daytraderpro
Rafael Iasi – CEO@daytraderpro

As you can see, at the beginning of my self-presentation, I’m not the typical “superhero trader” you might be used to finding on social media out there…

I discovered the stock exchange relatively late in my life.

It was 2013, I was already 38 years old and a bit of experience in other activities in my life.

At that time I was looking for a way to better monetize my “hard-on” and trying to find a way to escape this semi-slavery of employment.

The prospect of spending most of our life in “nailed” and retiring at 65 isn’t something that seems like the best of worlds, is it?

In the first few months researching variable income, I discovered the day trade. I became more and more interested and specializing in this type of operation.

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Diary of Notes – Day Trader Pro

In this process, I used to keep a trading journal where I always started each day with the word “Day Trader Pro” in the header, as a symbol of where I wanted to get to.

In 2015, I started a youtube channel and a blog, which gave rise to what is now Project Day Trader Pro.

Since the beginning of this project, I have always made a point of involving other people and traders, doing collaborative management.

Many traders and friends passed through here and then followed their new directions.

However, since mid-2019, I have increasingly centralized the activities and focused on bringing content of very high importance and authenticity to the day trader, something that is rare in this market nowadays.

I seek to do a work that has deep roots and proves its value over time.

I am inspired by the great names in the history of trading, such as Richard D. Wickoff and Peter Steidlmayer, for example.

So I often feel that I’m swimming against the tide of superficiality, which is the spread of knowledge through social media in most cases.

Unfortunately, the “trader world” has become a fair of illusions. The union of fake traders with marketing teams has generated an environment of superficiality and exploitation of unwary beginners.

I know that day trading is extremely dangerous for the financial and even emotional life of a large portion of those who are interested in this activity.

Therefore, I always work in a responsible and enlightening way, bringing knowledge.

I seek to move away from this motivational super stimulus strategy that the majority of the actors in this day trade market use to drive course sales and trading on impulse and greed.

Well, I guess you got it, don’t you?

Welcome to Day Trader Pro,

Big Hug and Good Trades!

Rafael Iasi

CEO @daytraderpro